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Cabinet hinges for all applications

Looking for kitchen cabinet hinges? Kipco can deliver. The company offers 3 main varieties of cabinet hinges. These are as follows:

Blum Hinges: These cabinet door hinges offer great flexibility and also have a soft close feature. This leads to seamless movement, little to no noise while opening or closing, and a robust design that guarantees longevity.

Salice Hinges: Another major innovation in the kitchen cabinet hinge space, these offer similar advantages as Blum hinges. Their hinges are available in soft-close, regular close, free-swinging and push-to-open configurations.

Pocket Door Slides: These function as both hinges and slides. Once the door is open using a pinion shaft, the door can be slid into the cabinet on a track or a slide. These cabinet hinges are extremely useful where spatial constraints are a major factor.

General and kitchen cabinet hinges aside, Kipco also distributes a wide range of cabinet door hinge-related accessories such as Salice magnetic release devices, clip-on mounting plates, screw-in mounting plates and more. Call 1 (519) 741 - 9622 to place an order or an enquiry.


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Cabinets are an integral part of any household or commercial property. Used for storage, cabinets which use doors instead of drawers require an efficient system to open and close these doors smoothly. This is where cabinet hinges come into the picture. Hinges are basically joints used to connect two parts together. With the aid of an appropriate cabinet hinge, the door of the cabinet can rotate relative to the main body without detaching. Since they are such an important part of any storage solution, cabinet door hinges are a must for millwork and kitchen manufacturers to install beautiful, functional cupboards. 

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