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Top-Quality Sliding Door Hardware

While swinging doors are the norm in most households, there are some cases where there isn’t enough space for such a door. In such situations, a sliding door can be ideal, as it saves space and is easy to access. Kipco Hardware offers a variety of sliding door hardware geared toward barn doors and mini-barn doors. The former comprises two sliding doors which meet in the middle. The latter also follows a similar mechanism but is noticeably smaller in dimensions, making it ideal for cabinets where there is not enough room for a swinging door. Explore our range of sliding door hardware to learn more.


Robust And High-Quality Sliding Door Hardware

When it comes to sliding door hardware for installing barn or mini-barn doors, all our products can be mounted at either the top or the side. Here’s how they differ from one another.

Top-Mount Hardware:

In this case, a metal strap is attached to the top of the door, in which the roller wheels are mounted. These are perfect for a clean and minimalist look.

Side-Mount Hardware:

In this instance, the metal strap and roller wheels are attached to the side of the door. This makes them a bit more conspicuous but can add a classic aesthetic to the door.

To know more about our roller unit kits and other sliding door hardware, give us a call at +1-519-741-9622. We will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right hardware for your project.

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