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Complete Collection Of Sink Cabinet Accessories

When it comes to base cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom, a sink cabinet is paramount. These versatile cabinets can support a kitchen or bathroom sink and their dimensions depend on the size of the sink itself. Kipco Hardware, a reliable name in the hardware supply business, offers a whole host of kitchen sink cabinet accessories ranging from under-sink pull-outs, tip-out trays, towel bar pull-out and U-shaped pull-out to drip trays, cabinet legs, tip-out hinges and more. Our premium sink cabinet products are classified on the basis of dimensions, material finish, closing type and mounting style. Click on our various product categories to know more about specific products or supporting accessories. 


Sink Cabinet Accessories For All Applications

Kipco Hardware offers numerous sink cabinet products which are meant to optimize the storage and functioning of these cabinets. Some of our most-used products include:

Undersink Pull-Outs: These can be used to store cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergents, and other cleaning supplies. 

Tip-Out Trays: These trays are placed right beneath the sink and can be accessed easily with a gentle pull. Perfect for storing sponges, scrubs and other cleaning materials.

Drip Trays: Water damage is a major factor to consider when installing sink cabinets. With drip trays, it is easy to be aware of small leaks, as they hold water at the bottom of the cabinet and push it to the front so the leak is visible. 

Towel Bar Pull-Out: Store dish towels and hand towels away from the water by using these towel bar pull-outs which are compatible with most sink cabinets. 

For more information on our products or to place an order, please reach out to us at 1519-741-9622, and our experts will help guide you to the product that suits your requirement.

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