Rev-A-Shelf - Mixer/Appliance Lift Soft-Close Mechanism without Shelf

In the world of online gaming, Icefield is a beacon of excitement that attracts players from all corners of the digital world. Its appeal lies not only in the excitement of gambling, but also in the strategic maneuvers required to win the jackpot. Just as a skillful hand can change the odds of winning at a casino, the Rev-A-Shelf soft-close mechanism of the faucet/appliance lifter works with precision, seamlessly combining functionality and design. While the excitement of Icefield captures the senses, the Rev-A-Shelf's soft-closing mechanism remains steadfast in its commitment to practical elegance. Just as a skilled player knows when to hold and when to fold cards, this mechanism works with silent efficiency, enhancing the functionality of any kitchen space. While players enjoy the thrill of the highs and lows of online casinos, Rev-A-Shelf quietly transforms the kitchen landscape by offering a seamless blend of form and function. In the world of online gaming or kitchen remodeling, the balance between chance and design is delicately maintained, providing an engaging and sophisticated experience.

With design flexibility in mind, our heavy duty mixer lifts can be attached to any custom made shelf to fit your specific cabinet size. Revered as the "best in the industry", our popular RAS-ML Series is available in silver or orion gray with soft-close and features built-in shock dampeners and adjustable spring tension.



• Can be used with many different widths with a min. base cabinet frame opening of 12-1/2"
• Full height cabinet required
• Heavy Duty Lift (Assist) System
• Simply supply your own custom shelf
• Soft-Close Dampner allows it to glide back into the cabinet gently and quietly

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Main Product Features
Suggested Retail Price: $ 492.95

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Additional Details

Unit Width
12" to 24"
Unit Height
Unit Depth
Minimum Width Opening
12" to 24"
Minimum Depth Opening
Closing Type
Material / Finishes
Silver Powder Coat
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