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Lift-Up Kits And Accessories For Flap Doors

Most cabinet doors, be they soft-close or otherwise, open horizontally. But lift-up doors are an excellent alternative, as they open vertically, making them ideal for compact spaces, where conventional cabinet doors might obstruct movement. Kipco Hardware, a reliable cabinet hardware supplier based out of Kitchener, offers a multitude of lift-up kits and associated accessories. Classified on the basis of the door height, door weight, material finishes, mounting type, opening degree and more, these doors can revolutionize storage and are very convenient to operate. Click on any one of our products to know more. 


Impressive Range Of Easy-To-Install Lift-Up Kits

Kipco Hardware supplies a variety of flap doors and lift-up kits. Some of our best offerings include:

Wind Lift Systems: These doors are available in soft-close and push-to-open varieties. In the case of the former, the door closes slowly, making it noiseless in operation. As for the latter, these doors can be opened with the gentlest of touches.

Parallel Lift Systems: The door opens vertically, but remains parallel to the cabinet body. This makes the door convenient to access and close. 

Folding Flap Door: This type of door has a dual mechanism. Equipped with a hinge in the middle, the top half of the door opens like a wind lift system and the bottom half opens like a parallel lift system. 

Apart from lift-up kits, we also offer numerous accessories like cover caps and front fixing brackets. To place an enquiry or an order, please call us at +1-519-741-9622. One of our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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