How Travel Distance Impacts Drawer Slide Selection?

July 28, 2023
How Travel Distance Impacts Drawer Slide Selection?

Selecting drawer slides and cabinet hinges is crucial for designing a functional kitchen cabinet. Speaking of the former, this cabinet hardware enables easy opening and closing of drawers. In the previous blogs, various factors like load rating and closing type were discussed, and how they impact drawer slide selection. In this blog, the importance of travel distance will be considered in choosing an appropriate drawer slide for a particular function.

What Is Travel Distance?

For the uninitiated, travel distance is defined as the maximum distance a drawer can be pulled out without any form of malfunction. As is evident, since drawers are mounted on the slides, their length will play a major part in stabilizing the drawers and increasing travel distance. Kipco Hardware, a premier distributor of quality drawer slides in Southwestern Ontario, offers a wide range of slides ranging from 150 mm to 1000 mm.

What Impacts Travel Distance?

Apart from the length of the slide, the length of the rail also determines the travel distance. The longer the rail length, the farther the drawer can be pulled out safely. 

How Does Travel Distance Impact Load Rating?

While greater travel distance is good for accessibility, it can adversely impact the load rating of a particular slide. This is because the farther a drawer extends from the slide, the more weight or load falls on the drawer and subsequently, the slides. Therefore, the drawer slides must not be too long if the aim is to have a reasonable load rating unless it has a specific function or purpose.

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