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Wide range of drawer slides and accessories

Used in cabinets throughout the household, drawers are a versatile storage option. To keep the drawers functioning smoothly, drawer slides are paramount. Also known as drawer runners, these are placed on either end of the drawer to facilitate horizontal movement. Without cabinet drawer slides, it would be impossible to smoothly open and close drawers. Not only do they impact motion, they can also dictate the speed of the drawer while opening or closing. For instance, soft close drawer slides ensure that the drawer closes slowly and smoothly without making much noise or impact, while self-close options ensure that the contents of the drawer are always firmly insulated.



Kipco’s drawer slides staples

Kipco has three primary types of drawer slides in its inventory: undermount slides, ball bearing slides and pocket door slides. Here’s a brief explanation of how they function:

Undermount Slides: 

These cabinet drawer slides are placed on the underside of the drawer, often parallel to each other. This makes it easier to clean and offers a neat, aesthetic look.

Ball Bearing Slides:

 These drawer slides contain ball bearing within the rails, which facilitate easy movement of the drawer. They can be used as soft close drawer slides to reduce noise and impact.

Pocket Door Slides:

 These are innovative slides that function as both doors and slides. Once open, they can slide back into the cabinetry with the aid of ball bearings or a track system. They are highly used in spaces where sleekness is valued.

Apart from slides, Kipco also offers accessories such as front stabilizers, front locking devices and more. Call 1 (519) 741 - 9622 to place an order or an enquiry.

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