3 Factors To Select Cabinet Hinges

May 29, 2023
3 Factors To Select Cabinet Hinges

Any kitchen cabinet, whether custom-made or standard, requires cabinet hinges if it uses doors. However, as a cabinet manufacturer, how do you accurately select a cabinet hinge for a particular client? There are 3 primary ways to select this cabinet hardware: overlay type, opening angle and connection to the mounting plate. This blog will explore these 3 factors to make it easier to select a hinge for your customers.

How To Select Cabinet Hinges?

Overlay Type:

An overlay is typically applicable only for concealed cabinet door hinges. There are 3 main varieties when it comes to overlay: full overlay, half-overlay and inset overlay. These types are addressed in detail in a previous blog.

Opening Angle:

The opening angle can be defined as the angle between the cabinet and the door when it is fully extended. Of course, as the definition makes it clear, the opening angle can vary significantly, depending mostly on the placement of the kitchen cabinet.

- For most kitchen cabinets, the opening angle can be anywhere between 95 to 110 degrees, where it opens just slightly beyond the cabinet side.

- In the case of corner cabinets with no obstruction in the form of walls or other cabinet doors, the opening angle can be extended as far as 170 degrees.

- Lastly, in the case of a corner cabinet that is obstructed by other cabinets or appliances, a limited opening angle of 40 to 60 degrees can also be considered. 

Connection To The Mounting Plate

Lastly, hinges are also connected to mounting plates. So this has to be considered as well. On this basis, there are two prominent varieties:

- Clip-on hinges: As the name suggests, the hinges are simply clipped onto the mounting plate, making it easy to remove them if required.

- Slide-on hinges: In this case, the hinges are slid into the mounting plate and secured by screws. Hence, it is difficult to remove when compared to clip-on hinges.

Therefore, before selecting a cabinet hinge for your client, make sure to take these factors into consideration. 

For more tips on selecting and installing the right kitchen cabinet hardware, reach out to us at Kipco Hardware. A family-owned kitchen cabinet hardware supplier from Kitchener, we firmly stand behind the quality of our products. Contact us today to place an order or ask for a quote.

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