3 Ways To Choose Cabinet Hinges Based On Overlay

March 06, 2023
3 Ways To Choose Cabinet Hinges Based On Overlay

When it comes to choosing cabinet hinges, it’s important to know about the type of overlays. Based on how the cabinet door sits with respect to the cabinet frame, the type of overlay can make a huge aesthetic difference. Therefore, as a cabinet manufacturer, you must be aware of 3 major types of overlays in order to select the right cabinet hinge.


Types Of Cabinet Hinge Overlays



A full overlay can be defined as a position wherein the cabinet door completely covers the frame of the cabinet. Therefore, hinges for such a configuration will require a straight arm that covers the entire range of motion. Going for full overlay offers a much sleeker look. 



With this type of layout, the door overlays the frame by half, resulting in a clean, contemporary appearance. The hinge for this configuration will require an additional bend in the arm. Moreover, in this case, a door can be mounted on either side of the frame, allowing for more flexibility.

Inset Cabinet 

In this case, the cabinet door sits inside the frame, leaving the latter completely exposed. For such a configuration, the cabinet hinge will have a crank in the arm, allowing it to be placed flush within the cabinet frame. These are typically used in wooden furniture. 

After choosing the layout of the cabinet door with respect to the frame, you can move on to other parameters, such as closing style and finish. Overall, it is essential to understand the vision of the customer and select one of these three overlay configurations and respective hinges for optimal results. 

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