Working And Benefits Of Soft-Close Drawer Slides

October 02, 2023
Working And Benefits Of Soft-Close Drawer Slides

Drawer slides come in various styles and configurations. One of the more popular versions is soft-close drawer slides. As the name suggests, these cabinet drawer slides ensure that the drawer closes gently instead of slamming against the frame. While you might be aware of its merits as a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, your customers may not know much about these drawer slides. Therefore, in this blog, Kipco Hardware, a supplier of soft-close drawer slides and other types of cabinet hardware, explains slides’ basic functioning and why they might benefit significantly by investing in them.

How Do Soft-Close Drawer Slides Work?

In essence, these cabinet drawer slides reduce the speed of the closing drawer by gently pulling it. This is done by applying a counterforce to the initial pushing force. This force can be applied using a hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, friction using ball bearings, or a combination of the three. Irrespective of the mechanism, the end result is the same, the drawer closes gently. 

Why Go For Soft-Close Drawer Slides?

There are 3 major benefits to opting for these drawer slides:

Reduced Noise: Since the drawers don’t slam into the frame but rather touch them slowly, there is little to no noise. This is perfect for homeowners who value silence and effortless operation when it comes to their cabinets and drawers.

Increased Safety: For those who have small children or pets in their house, a regular drawer can be a hazard, as the fast closing motion can injure them. However, with soft-close drawer slides, these concerns can be put to rest.

Improved Longevity: Since the motion is so gentle, the drawers and consequently, the drawer slides can function optimally for a long time when compared to conventional slides. This makes them a better investment long-term.

Looking for quality cabinet drawer slides for your next project? Reach out to us at Kipco Hardware. Suppliers of premier kitchen cabinet hardware in Kitchener, Ontario, our products are supplemented by our excellent customer service, where our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through all aspects of purchase. 

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