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A Comprehensive Collection Of Wood Screws

Wood screws are a small but significant part of almost any cabinet, furniture or assembly. Kipco Hardware, a trusted wood screw supplier in Southwestern Ontario, supplies a variety of wood screws that are compatible with a wide range of hardware accessories. The primary offerings are flat head screws, pull /machine screws, round washer head screws and pan, truss and euro screws. Apart from the shape of the head, our wood screws are also classified based on length, drive type, material finish and more. Browse through our catalogue today!


 Wood Screws For All Applications

As mentioned above, here is a look at some of the in-demand wood screws in our supply:

Flat Head Screws: Characterized by their flat heads and tapered bodies, these screws are minimalistic as they can be hammered flush to the surface.

Round-Head Screws: When completely screwed in, only the top of the wood screw is visible in the form of a dome. 

Machine Screws: Instead of being hammered in, these wood screws can be fastened with an appropriate screwdriver.

For more information on our wood screws and other accessories, reach out to us today at 519-741-9622 and we will assist you in selecting the best wood screws for your project.

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