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Smart And Economical Waste/Recycle Systems

A waste management system is integral to any modern kitchen. Kipco Hardware, a quality kitchen hardware supplier in Southwest Ontario, offers a wide range of smart waste/recycle systems that are easy to operate and install. One such offering is the pullout bin or waste system, which can be easily mounted on a cabinet/cupboard instead of placing them on the floor, which is the norm for conventional waste bins. The sleek and sturdy recycle systems are widely classified on the following parameters: closing type, depth, height, load capacity, finish, minimum depth, minimum height and style. By choosing a mixture of these parameters, the waste systems can be customized per the customer’s needs.  


Quality Waste/Recycle Systems And Accessories

Apart from style, closing type and finish, our impressive range of waste systems can also be classified on the basis of mounting configurations. Some prominent ones are:

Undermount Slides: In this configuration, the slides are installed at the bottom of the pull-out drawer/waste system. This offers a concealed, streamlined look.

Side Mount Slides: The slides are mounted to the side of the drawer/waste system. They are versatile in operation and very convenient to install.

Door Mount: In this case, the pullout recycle system is mounted on the inside of a cabinet door. When the door is opened, the bin is pivoted out, following the motion of the cabinet door.

Apart from pull-out systems, Kipco Hardware also offers waste bins, filter lids, and other accessories. 

To know more about the waste/recycle system, contact us at +1-519-741-9622 to place an order or an enquiry. 

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