4 Popular Finishes For Cabinet Hinges

August 13, 2023
4 Popular Finishes For Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges come in many shapes, designs and sizes. A staple in any kitchen cabinet, this piece of kitchen cabinet hardware also varies in terms of features such as self-closing or soft-closed hinges. However, there is one aspect of cabinet hinges that manufacturers as well as customers neglect, the finish. The finish of a hinge is the last step in designing an elegant custom cabinet. Therefore, in this blog, Kipco Hardware, a reputable supplier of cabinet hardware in Canada, lays out 4 of its best finishes for hinges.


4 Excellent Cabinet Hinge Finishes



For a minimalist design with a keen focus on pastel colors, beige is an excellent option for the finish. It ensures that the cabinet hinge will blend in perfectly with the cabinet doors and the surroundings. Therefore, clients who have conspicuous hinges but wish to conceal them a bit can opt for this finish.


Dark, moody, and dignified, grey offers an opulent finish to the hinges. Moreover, the darker hue can be used to pair with a bold colour palette like black or dark grey. Alternatively, it can be used to create a striking contrast with pastel-hued cabinetry.


For a silvery, beautiful finish, nothing is more suitable than nickel. This adds a distinct character to the hinges, giving them a silvery, striking appearance. Popular varieties include brushed and satin nickel, depending on the tastes and preferences of the customer.


Perhaps the most commonly used finish, zinc/steel finished cabinet hinges are the norm in most modern kitchen cabinets. With a bright, reflective visage, they are easy to clean and maintain, as well as offer excellent corrosion resistance. This makes them extremely versatile, and hence, they can be used in all types of cabinet designs.

To purchase  high-quality cabinet hinges, look no further than Kipco Hardware. A reputable supplier of kitchen cabinet hardware in Canada, our store in Kitchener Ontario stocks the best hinges, drawer slides, decorative hardware and more from the world’s top hardware brands. Contact us today, and our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff will guide you further.

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