How To Select The Right Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

June 13, 2023
How To Select The Right Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

Manufacturing a custom kitchen cabinet for a client is a complicated task. A lot of their preferences have to be taken into account, right from the style of the kitchen, to what features they want in their cabinets, storage space and more. However, many manufacturers gloss over the decorative kitchen cabinet hardware, and we at Kipco Hardware know that every little detail counts. Therefore, here’s how you can help a client determine what type of decorative cabinet hardware will be a perfect fit for them.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


Hardware Style

There are primarily two types of cabinet hardware that most homeowners prefer, knobs and pulls. Knobs are small but efficient handles with a single screw and pulls are their larger counterparts with more surface and better traction. Therefore, the primary task is to decide whether to use a knob or a pull for the kitchen cabinet.


The Material

The next step is to choose a suitable material for the decorative hardware. While metal is the most popular choice, there are quite a few varieties available in the form of wood, glass, ceramic and even plastic. Thus, material selection will depend on the client’s kitchen design and preference.


The Finish

Lastly, the surface finish of the hardware also dictates how it looks as a final product. This is of course a matter of personal preference, but it's best to advise the client on how to choose the right finish. Ask them to consider factors such as the kitchen’s colour palette, lighting and appliances before making a decision. 


In conclusion, choosing the right decorative kitchen cabinet hardware can be as simple as following these steps correctly.


For more tips on choosing the right cabinet hardware, cabinet hinges, drawer slides and more, reach out to us at Kipco Hardware. A family-owned kitchen cabinet hardware supplier from Kitchener, we firmly stand behind the quality of our products. Contact us today to place an order or ask for a quote.

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